The initiative group “Multi and Ethnocultural Projects” presents the International Festivals of Dance, Song and Music “Solidarity of Cultures” in the country of Georgia. Festivals will be held in the resorts of the Black Sea coast: in Kobuleti and Batumi, in the Balneological and climatic resort Borjomi, in the Alpine ski and climatic resort Bakuriani, one of the oldest city in the world Kutaisi and in the Historic castle-complex Rabati...
In order to arrange a real festival of art with various performances and at the highest level demonstrate a dialogue of cultures, we invite as folklore and modern dance groups as well as folklore and modern music and vocal groups in all major directions. Leaders of the groups confirm their participation by sending to our e-mail (, Filled application (technical) form, signed and stamped and adding also 4-5 photos, history and a short video of the group. This form must be filled in with legible characters and in block letters.

Condition of Festival “Solidarity of Cultures” in Summer

July 01-06, 2024


  1. Groups will arrive in Batumi 01 July 2024 in the afternoon and depart from Batumi 06 July 2024 after breakfast.
  2. For Groups which will arrive by planes (Airports: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi ...), we will help to hire buses for transportations from the airport to the destination and back, also, these buses will provide transportations of participants during the whole festival...
  3. The minimum number of participants of the festival from each group should be 10 and the maximum number is not limited.
  4. The minimum age of participants of the festival is 12 years. The maximum age is not limited.
  5. All foreign participants of the festival must have international medical insurance. Without medical insurance, participants will not be allowed to take part in the festival.
  6. For dance groups at the festival, are allowed both live music and recorded music.
  7. Duration of the performance for each group, at the gala concerts should be no more than 10 minutes. In other performances no more than 15 minutes.
  8. All participating groups will receive appropriate certificates and gifts.
  9. Accommodation for all groups will be arranged in family hotels or in hotels for two or three visitors with tv, air conditioner, shower and toilet in each room.
  10. Participants of the festival will be provided with three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Meals will be varied and quality.
  11. The Festival organizers reserve the right of any additional changes in the program and the schedule of the concerts and other Festival initiatives.
  12. Organizers of the festival will not be responsible for any damages which might occur to the participants or to their belongings.
  13. Organizers of the festival have the right to use and distribute (without payment) video recordings, booklets and other kinds of products produced during the events of the festival.
  14. Participation in the festival is paid
    Five full days (partially sixth day) accommodation in hotels, meals three times a day, interesting rest and pastime, local excursions, performances on the festival and so on with transport support will cost 250 euros for each participant. if groups will come to the festival with their own transport then the cost of participation of the festival will be 215 euros from each participant. 20 percent of this amount must be prepaid after making an application for 30 days, in order to get a guarantee of your participation in the festival and to book a hotel. After this procedure the group will be sent an official invitation of the festival. The remaining 80 percent can be paid after arriving at the festival, on the spot.
    Let me warn that your decision not to take part in our festival after sending you an official invitation of festival will not be the basis of returning the money. So, we ask the Leaders of the groups to pay special attention to this.

Account Holder (receiver): SP ZAZA KIPIANI.
Account Number: GE42LB0112174378293002
Currency: EUR
Receiver Bank Name: Liberty Bank. (Georgia Country)
Receiver Bank SWIFT Code: LBRTGE22
Intermediary Bank SWIFT Code: SOLADEST
Correspondent Account Number: 100-9477233-0000
After acquainting conditions of the festival, if you decide to participate in it, you must send us by e-mail: 14.1.- Completed application form (See below Technical form) on which will be the signature of the head of groups with stamp. With this you agree to the conditions of the festival. 14.2.- 10 minutes video material of concert performances of groups. 14.3.- 4-5 photos of the group of high quality.
We will carefully acquaintance your material and only then we will select the best creative teams for participation in our festival. It will not take long time.
Detailed program will be ready one month before the start of the festival.


required Recording music of the high sound quality. It is necessary to have a copy of the recording music on the flash media (flash drive).
School pupils and students of higher education must have with oneself their certificates.
During accommodation in hotels, participants of festival must conscientiously relate to the property of the owner and observe cleanliness and the order. If any participant damages the property of the hotel, compensation must be reproduced by the leader (leaders) of the groups.
After you agree to take part in the festival, will sign the application, transfer the money to the bank account and get an official invitation of festival, your refusal not to take part in the festival will not be the basis of returning the money. The amount transferred to the festival bank account will not be refunded.
Such performances, that can cause a fire on the stage, will not be allowed.

Technical form of International Group (Application)


Welcome to the Festival "Solidarity of cultures" in Georgia Country !!!

        Date ____

(Stamp and signature (Stamp and signature
of the Leader of the Group) of the Director of the Festival)
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